SPRING GARDEN - a collection of spring inspired cakes for a bake sale. For Singapore customers only.

Presenting to you, SPRING GARDEN. I was inspired by the cheerful harmony created by shades of pink, green and cream so reminiscent of a gentle spring. I played around with contrasting and complementary tones, from fuchsia against pastel green to a berry pink melting into a pastel. Of course, a bit of gloss and shine is never neglected. The butterflies are brushed with a silver powder and the white chocolate flowers are dotted with reflective jelly “raindrops”.

Specifically, each collection encompasses:

A strawberry shortcake – a fluffy and flavourful sponge cake sandwiched with sweetened whipped cream and ruby strawberries. A timeless classic.

A raspberry mousse cake – raspberry yoghurt mousse encasing a raspberry insert and raspberry white chocolate crémeux. It sits on a buttery tart base and is dressed in a thin layer of transparent glaze, akin to lip gloss but for cake. A stunner under sunlight.

A matcha white chocolate tart -a tart shell filled and baked with matcha frangipane and topped with generous blobs of matcha white chocolate cream. Decorated with a silver dusted chocolate butterfly, as an allusion to butterflies playfully skimming the tops of tall grass.

Strawberry shortcake - for a bake sale available to Singapore customers only.
Tall white flowers, taken at Flower Dome, Singapore
Pink flowers in shadow, taken at flower dome in Singapore
Raspberry mousse cake - part of my bake sale menu available to Singapore customers only