In the late afternoon each day, save for rainy days, the warm rays of the setting sun would spill through my bedroom windows, bouncing off the off-white walls and lighting up the room with a golden glow. I was inspired to capture those magical moments in the form of dessert – namely, an apple rose tart, espresso & chocolate tart, and mont blanc parfait. They have caramel tones and glisten in the sunlight. Details below.

Apple Rose Tart

pâte sucrée / almond frangipane / walnut praline / sliced apples / apple compote

Espresso & Chocolate Tart

pâte sucrée / mascarpone coffee ganache / coffee joconde biscuit / espresso mousse / coffee glaçage / chocolate pearls

Mont Blanc Parfait

caramel sauce / egg pudding / meringue / vanilla bean mascarpone chantilly cream / chestnut swirls