Chocolate chunk cookies, sea salt honey florentine shortbreads and cocoa brownies l Bake sale l Singapore

COFFEE HOUR is a collection of sweet little treats of primarily chocolate and caramel flavour profiles, which are selected for their affinity with coffee. These are perfect for days where caffeine alone just doesn’t cut it and you need an extra dose of sweetness and motivation to get out of bed. The collection consists of:

Palm-sized browned butter chocolate chunk cookies that are baked to be crunchy around the edges and gooey in the middle. Each contains a generous amount of Valrhona Caraibe 66% dark chocolate.

Alice Medrich’s cocoa brownies which are essentially slabs of dark chocolate fudge that are best consumed chilled.

Sea salt honey florentine shortbreads which are buttery, caramelly and nutty all throughout.

Floretine shortbreads l Bake sale l Singapore l Wild Reverie, by Amanda
Cocoa brownies l Bake sale l Singapore
Sea salt honey floretine shortbreads l Bake sale l Singapore