Hi, my name is Amanda and I was born and raised in Singapore, but lived in Tokyo for about six years.

I started baking when I was 12 and I have never stopped ever since. I am completely self-taught – everything I know today I absorbed from countless of baking books, blogs and social media accounts of professional pastry chefs. Learning is my obsession.

Baking, to me, is a form of self-expression. It is also simultaneously an art and a science – complex but extraordinarily rich with possibilities. It is how I construct my own reality, a sort of dream-like realm millions of miles away from the constraints of daily life.

Wild Reverie, by Amanda is the culmination of many visions over many years. Everyday I strive to translate them into the real world a little clearer, a little prettier. It’s my source of serenity, and I hope that it can become yours too.