Hello! I’m Amanda and I was born and raised in Singapore, and am currently living in Tokyo. I used to blog here but as wonderful Blogger has been for the past six years or so, I decided to make the shift to WordPress because I wanted a space that would more accurately reflect my aesthetic vision for my blog, which I came to see a little more clearly in my head when I stepped away from baking for a fairly extended period of time, and simply observed the direction other bakers were taking with their craft.

I’m leaving behind all the posts and memories I’ve made so far on my old blog but I won’t be deleting it as a documentation of my journey in baking, writing and photography over the past few years. Truth be told I would rather see most of those entries go – reading them it is excruciatingly apparent that either I was on a sugar high while typing or I was letting my tendency for exaggeration run wild – although, we live and we learn, and I would like to think that my teenage self did the best she could.

On the note of growing up, you might have noticed that I’ve titled this blog C&C, which stands for Crumbs and Cookies, only version deux. I’ve taken to calling it CC (“see-see”) for short because I think it sounds rather chic, and if it’s all the same to you, I would like for you to refer to it as that too. Insert smiley icon.

My style of baking is still something that I’m in the midst of figuring out. There’s no particular baked good or flavour profile I’m eternally loyal to, even my liking for chocolate comes and goes. Despite the absence of such a consistency however, I’ve noticed that there is a certain way I go about conceptualising what to bake next, which is that I like to combine inspiration from multiple areas into one cohesive creation.

Finally, I’m making it my mission to interact more with my readers on this blog so if you leave a comment or a question under my posts – and on my instagram as well – I promise that will do my utmost best to respond.