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You might remember the apple tarte tartin I did recently. I struggled with getting the apple caramel layer out of the silicon mold and that was an issue I was just itching to solve – and so I did, albeit with quite a different variation of the recipe. Behold, a red wine pear and chocolate tart – the apple tart’s older and more refined cousin. I love its deep burgundy hue and unbeatable shine. Best of all, I did not struggle one bit with extracting the frozen disks of caramel from the mold. The trade off is a more jelly-like consistency due to the higher water content which I’m not completely thrilled about, but mission accomplished? Definitely.

Red Wine Pear Chocolate Tart

The tart consists of a cocoa shortcrust pastry, chocolate almond frangipane, chocolate pecan praline and finally, a red wine pear caramel. The first three components were leftovers from another dessert I was working on so I wouldn’t piece these exact same parts together if I were to do it again. A chocolate mousse or another oozier component would have been a better addition instead of the praline, in my opinion. Anyhoo, for that reason I’m just sharing what I did for the caramel.

For the red wine pear layer:

4 medium poached pears, chopped into medium sized chunks

90 ml red wine

100g sugar

30 ml water

15 ml heavy cream

8g unsalted butter

2 leaves gelatin

Make the red wine pear layer: In a small saucepan, reduce the red wine to a third. Combine the sugar and water in a separate saucepan and cook until the mixture takes on an amber hue. Remove from heat, stir in the wine, cream and butter until combined. Soften the gelatin leaves in cool water, stir into the caramel. Stir in the poached pear chunks. Let mixture cool before transferring to the silicon molds. Freeze overnight.

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