trio // mini pound cakes

Dessert blogging requires at minimum a set of three skills – photography, writing and of course, baking. I tend to prefer a certain aspect over the others at a given point, which rotates as the days go by. However, there have been stretches of time of late where none of these activities can hold my attention. It is not for the lack of perceivable room for improvement, certainly, but rather, growing tired of a predictable cycle? Not just vis-à-vis baking but the day to day, hour to hour. I try to project my thoughts into the years ahead sometimes and visualize an empty expanse. There are neither flower-strewn pathways nor treacherous trenches to navigate without an end point in sight. It is, quite simply, colourless. But I suppose it is also a blank canvas, or an untouched Word document for the modern day writers and glass half full-ers. The future is what we make it to be. But what shall I make it become? That’s a question that I shall attempt to answer hopefully sometime within this year…

Pictured are two different sets of pound cakes that I made for a wedding and a bake sale. Details of the cakes in the bake sale can be found here (orders are closed).

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