retreat // strawberry champagne cakes

Leather jacket, metallic scales, the tip of a sharpened dagger gleaming in the moonlight. Silence. It’s midnight but that’s not why the air is as cold as ice. A mind abuzz with estimations and calculations, for one intent. Heels digging deeper into the earth, narrowed eyes, white-knuckled fingers strangling the weathered hilt.

Liar, she breathed.

As usual I’m channelling all my frustrations with life’s disappointments into a blogpost. There are so many whys and hows and how can it bes that have no rational answers. When the circumstances are ridiculously rigid, I bake complex cakes (because with baking at least every ingredient is present for a scientific reason, and the extra effort is often worth it.) Two batters for one sponge that have to be piped in strip by strip? Yes. Making my own temporary molds so that I can freeze gelée made with seven fresh strawberries that I puréed specifically for this recipe? Yes. Making a mousse, jelly layer, and glaze in addition to everything that I have just mentioned? Yes.

Point proven.

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