midnight musings (as always) // dark chocolate & cassis brownie

What makes night within us may leave stars.

– Victor Hugo

As I backspace furiously on abandoned half-written sentences from prior fleeting strokes of inspiration, filling the newly bleached white spaces with matte black text one character at a time at 1.22 AM on a Tuesday morning, my first immediate thought is that I needed more structure in my life, artistic whims be damned. The thought that followed was essentially a dismissal of the prior notion. Writing, baking and photography – there is perhaps nothing else in life that I would rather spend my 24 hours in a day obsessing over. I live for the creative process of transforming abstract to concrete, the translation of ideas to real life… which begets the question of why am I not making this my everyday? I doubt that the answer I’ve arrived at in my current somnolent state is anywhere near complete – in fact, I believe that it’s a discussion topic that calls for a bottle of white wine and a couple of minds with thirty odd more years of living on me.

It’s now 2.01 AM and my train of thought is attempting to split off into six different directions at once. At this point I’m not sure if this is a product of an excessive amount of time spent in solitude following the virus that’s running rampant on the face of this Earth (to which I would like to shoot a very concerned but unnecessary Are you okay?), or simply if I’m just being me.

But I digress. Let’s talk cake.

In all honesty I must have made this three months ago but have neglected to give it its proper debut on the blog because of… inaccurate ordering of life priorities. I’m slotting in that piece of information because I’ve basically forgotten the recipe that I’d used, and now I regret to inform you that there will be none accompanying this post. But! As my tastebuds recall, this was quite the fudgy chocolaty brownie with surprising little pockets of sweetness and tang from the cassis-white chocolate swirls. That said, I probably wouldn’t recreate it because fall is now upon us and apple and cinnamon-filled dessert baking awaits! I’m keying those baking sessions into my Google calendar. Stay tuned for updates xx

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