human error // apple walnut praliné tart

apple walnut tart

It occurred to me as I was handling the mandoline slicer – a nifty godsend of a kitchen contraption designed to transform (or personally, magick!) homogeneously tracing paper thin slices out of some fruit/vegetable/hard cheese? – that in an alternate dimension without said device I would be having dramatically less fun making this tart. These days we have numerous gadgets catered to making our lives easier, the end results of our creative processes prettier, to eliminate the little mistakes that us mere mortals tend to make. Or, more positively packaged, “human errors”.

apple walnut tart_slice

“Human error” is weirdly, possibly one of my favourite sets of words. In my mind they fit like puzzle pieces like they were always meant to be associated with each other. Individually each word leans toward a negative connotation, but as a pair it reads like an affectionate grandmother leaning back in her rocking chair while unable to stifle a soft chuckle as her grandchild stumbles after learning to take his first steps. Unlike its parts, the sum conveys warmth with undertones of compassion and leniency.

Just the thought of the day.

So! This tart. My god What A Tart. It’s a recipe from a baker I’ve been following for a long time on Instagram who recently launched a recipe app that of course, I’ve purchased. It was tough choosing which dessert to make first but ever since I baked this apple rose custard tart I’ve developed a liking for the very repetitive task of slicing apples with the mandoline – yes, you read that correctly – so it ultimately came down to an apple hazelnut praliné frangipane tart. I made the recipe using walnuts instead of hazelnuts because that was how I was feeling that day. The crust is a walnut tart crust which is filled by a walnut frangipane and topped with a thin layer of walnut praliné. Then there’s the crown of apple slices, naturally. I loved how dense and moist the frangipane was (I’ve made recipes that turned out more cake-y) and the layer of burnt sugar nutty complexity the praline added to the tart. The apples tasted extra sweet and refreshing on top of all that richness.

In summary, one of the best tarts I’ve ever made.

apple rose

So here’s the potential bummer. Since I got the recipe from her paid app I don’t think I’m allowed to share the recipe on my blog. If you like her style of baking, I really do recommend that you check out her app because it’s filled with the most amazing recipes. Or her blog! She has quite a few recipes uploaded there as well.

That’s it for this week. Xx

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