flowers make everything look better // vanilla kiwi tarts


So as you can tell from the very innovative title, today’s post is going to be all about waxing lyrical about the beauty of edible flowers and how they elevate a rather plain appearance to something that looks a thousand times more gorgeous.

Exhibit A: these vanilla kiwi tarts. I found Pierre Hermé’s tarte infiniment vanille recipe online recently and being the enthusiastic fan I am of him as well as this particular dessert (I can’t help but purchase it almost every time I see it in the shop), I simply had to make it. The original recipe actually has quite a number of components and steps to it but I made just the vanilla mascarpone cream portion – that also includes the crème anglaise – and the tart crust of course. I filled the baked tart shells with the vanilla cream then topped them off with a mix of golden and green kiwis plus way too many flower petals – though could you blame me?

The initial plan for the decoration was to make roses out of kiwis – inspiration from Maja Vase – which sounded doable to me at first because I have made avocado roses before (scroll down for proof), but who was I kidding. She’s a pastry goddess and I’m just a human with a dessert dependency. Long story short, it was a mega fail that yielded only one semi-passable looking rose. Moving on.


Exhibit B (above): how to make your Saturday brunch actually feel like Saturday brunch – by fancying up your toasts with flowers. Exhibit C (below, right): not that a white chocolate cream cheese frosting isn’t embellishment enough for a kickass carrot cake but a sprinkle of colour in the form of flower petals never hurt.


Sorry for slacking on the write-up but school’s been getting a little busy. It’s a miracle if I can even find time to bake these days. That said, there’ll be a cake post coming up next weekend  – stay tuned!

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