we live and we learn // mocha cream cheese ombré cake


Lately I’ve been thinking, reflecting, assessing in overdrive. I feel like I rotated an imaginary hourglass more times than I should – I gave myself too much time to accomplish too little. And yet when I look back on my writing, on my pictures, on memories of past actions till this very moment, I cringe the way I do when I recall my nine year old self wearing crocs (granted, for only about a week during which I realised that no amount of cool clothes could save an outfit where said shoes are finishing touches) – the fact that I can identify my mistakes means that I’ve mentally moved forward. But to be satisfied is to be conceited and to be conceited is to be doomed and to fall into despair is to be weak in a society so full of outstanding individuals. There’s still an overwhelming amount of things to learn, and rightfully so. So frankly – bring it.



Somewhat fittingly echoing my thoughts in the previous paragraph is this monster of a cake consisting of four layers of mocha cake and a chocolate cream cheese filling containing varying quantities of chocolate to achieve a colour gradient. This is actually a scaled down second attempt of this cake I blogged about on my previous blog. It’s from a book called Bake It Like You Mean It that I got at the height of my layer cake obsession. I made a third of the original quantity for the cake portion and a quarter for the filling for a six inch cake. Truthfully speaking, I couldn’t remember much of this cake other than the fact that it was a visual showstopper, but that was precisely what I needed to impress a couple of chocolate cake fanatics who were coming over to my place for tea last week.



So here’s where it gets real – I’m not the biggest fan of this cake recipe. It’s extremely crumbly and hard to work with when you’re halving and stacking the layers, not to mention frosting them. It tastes pretty good, but I would either add an extra egg to the batter or find another mocha cake recipe. Other than that, all’s good, the middle layer of filling is actually the most delicious out of the three (surprise, surprise) and it’s the weekend!



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