cloudy day baking // mixed berries cream cheese coffee cake


Every once in a while I would step into my living room in mid-afternoon when the sun is customarily at its warmest and brightest only to find it tinged in muted grey, as though the heavy clouds outside that were about to give way to a million rain droplets floated their way indoors. Last Saturday was one of those days. There is a wave of serenity that accompanies these moments. Somehow the outside world fades far far into the peripheral background and any music you put on envelopes your entire space. I love days like these, days on which curling up on a comfortable sofa with a good book and a bit of cake and coffee makes you feel so inexplicably content.



My cake of choice that cloudy afternoon was a mixed berries cream cheese coffee cake – a half buttery cake-half cheese cake treat with tons of mixed berries and a topping of streusel. I’ve actually made this before so it was a little embarrassing that I accidentally under-baked the cake a second time (in my defence, the cream cheese filling seemed almost set by the time I removed it from the oven and I thought that it would continue cooking as it cooled). Regardless, there was nothing not to like about this cake taste-wise even though it didn’t turn out to be a complete success so I’ll link the recipe source here and leave a few comments, which are: 1. if you’re baking the recipe in a smaller pan like I did for the extra height, you’ll probably have to add at least an extra 15 minutes to the baking time. 2. instead of making a jam with the berries I just dumped the whole lot straight onto the batter because I remember thinking that the jam made the cake a tad too sweet overall when I made this recipe the first time.


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