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A quick post – regrettably – for a busy week. But next week there’ll be time to breathe, so there will be cake. And lots of it.




Convincing macarons to be flowers in a bouquet bundled together in an ice cream cone is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Alas I couldn’t locate any sugar cones, but these wafer ones did a darn good job. These macarons are sandwiched with pistachio ganache and half of a seasonal cherry in bordeaux, the former is unforgettable and the latter is literally the cherry on top.

A favourite, these are.




Pistachio Cherry Macarons

makes 24 macarons

For the macaron shells:

refer to recipe here

For the filling:

100 grams whipping cream of 35% fat

100 grams white chocolate

15 grams pistachio paste

1 or 2 drops bitter almond essence

12 cherries, pitted and halved

Make the filling: Bring the cream to a boil with the pistachio paste. Stir then pour over the chocolate a third at a time. Add the bitter almond essence and blend for 10 minutes with a hand blender (I simply whisked). Chill ganache in the fridge until it thickens and is firm enough to pipe.

Assemble the macarons: Spoon the ganache into a piping bag fitted with a round tip. Pipe a generous mound of ganache on half of the cooled macaron shells, press a cherry half on top, then sandwich with the remaining shells.

Store macarons in the fridge for 24 hours and return them to room temperature before serving.

Note: macaron shell and ganache recipe is taken from Pierre Hermé Macarons.

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